Learn from the best! 

● Do you want to have the stage presence of a professional bikini competitor?

● Do you want to build confidence and take your bikini or wellness journey to the next level?

● Do you want to know what bodybuilding judges really look for?

● Are you done placing lower than you deserve, and ready to start WINNING?

We offer 1 on 1 posing coaching packages for the Bikini & Wellness division.
Our coaching is specific to working with female competitors 

I have coached thousands of competitors for the National Physique Committee (NPC) and IFBB Professional League in contests all over the world. As a veteran IFBB Pro, I know the mind of a competitor and the desire to win. The journey to a championship is one of sacrifice, hard work, and believing in your dream. The reward of standing on stage while being presented the golden trophy is a satisfaction that goes beyond words. 

 During my 12+ years as a competitor and coach, I’ve seen women filled with frustration and feelings of being overlooked by the judges, or placing lower than hoped despite following a strict training program. 

The key to success in a bikini contest is to master every element of competition; this includes your physique, stage presence, posing, bikini design, tan quality, proper makeup, and your hair. I will teach you how to take command of the stage with confidence and showcase all your hard work. 


How important is posing, really?
The truth is that without the right posing skills, odds are you won’t place well. While you may look better than every single girl on stage, you simply won’t showcase your best assets in a way that sways the judges enough to place you among the top 5.

Posing takes practice, practice, and more practice.
The problem is that many competitors fail to understand that posing practice in itself takes just as much time and effort as the rest of your prep does.

Why hire a posing coach?
Just like you need the right coach to figure out which diet and training works best for your body, you need someone who specializes in posing for the stage to teach you how to move right. A great posing coach will not only customize your posing routine to highlight your strengths, but also which brings out the things that make you shine with a winning stage presence that radiates poise, confidence and charisma.

What if you could learn how to:
● Impress the judges with a routine that makes you look amazing

● Pose like a top professional bikini competitor

● Move with elegant grace without fear or insecurities

● Improve your stage presence and get that winning edge

● Center yourself before you get on stage

● Use mindfulness to calm your nerves

● Find your inner confidence so you can truly shine

We welcome ALL bikini competitors!

Our one-on-one, Group posing classes and Posing seminars are open to ALL ladies who want to learn how to add that winning Edge to their routine; regardless of their location, competition federation, contest prep team, nutritionist or coach. All sessions are 45 minutes to an hour. They include detailed instructional videos that we film at the end of the class to cover everything learned.

We offer several different posing packages options:

● One-On-One 45 min to 1 hr / In person in Agoura Hills, California


1 session: $100

● Zoom One-On-One 45 min to 1 hr / From the comfort of your own home.


1 session: $100



1 session 300$

 Zoom or in person in Agoura Hills, CA
(Our bestseller package Incudes a 1 on 1 seminar approach for 2 hrs covering all aspects of presentation and judging, Individual presentation/Transitions/ Model Walk , Comparisons class, Finals class, Advice on Bikini cut/ color/ heels/ Jewelry, Hair & Make up for show day, Advice on organizations, divisions and classes to enter, what to bring on show day etc)

Don’t take our word for it…
...see it from our clients posing technique success stories.

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Please purchase your session below, after payment you will be receiving an email with opening times and dates, we are flexible and we can accommodate to your schedule. We have many clients flying from all over the WORLD to pose with Ingrid, you can book your hotel in Agoura Hills, CA 91301. For our of town competitors we recommend the VIP experience to maximize your trip.
Address will be provided after booking via email, make sure to enter a valid email in the checkout page.

Features Covered In Our Classes

- Bikini or wellness – Which division is right for you?
- Self-confidence for stage
- Judging criteria specific to your division
- Bikini comparisons  or Wellness Quarter turns
- Front, side, back pose  & transitions– The basics of each pose to suit your division and federation
- Symmetry and correct body positioning within posing
- How to showcase your physique in your transitions making them graceful
- Understanding judging criteria, and what the judges look for within each pose
- Poses to suit your specific body type
- Walking and posing in heels
- The stage walk specific to your competition (Prejudging walk, T walk, Pro walk)
- Stage etiquette

Ready to shine on stage? 
We look forward to assisting you in perfecting your routine and helping you step on stage with sass and confidence! 
Xo, Ingrid

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